About BirBangalee

BirBangalee is the most popular leading Bangla online newspaper and a portal of BirBangalee Foundation, USA. We started our journey on 23 May 2014, With commitment to leading the new media space with credible and relevant contents for readers,

There are Millions of Bangladeshis living in different countries of the world for their different needs and livelihood and it is very important for them to know the important information and notifications immediately. So with the utmost priority, we started our journey to meet those needs and to get the right information and news to them. Also, one of our fundamental objectives is to help the expatriate Bangladeshis to highlights their problems to the national level and to play a leading role in their demand.

A group of young, enthusiastic journalists have joined our ranks and are led by industry veterans with many years of domain knowledge and experience. The Editor of BirBanglaee Md. Shamsul Islam is a media researcher and USA Citizen.